JHSC Certification Courses

Health, safety and commitment are the factors that the Public Services Health & Safety Association (PSHSA) is made. Their target is to eliminate workplace injuries, illnesses and fatalities. In order to do so, they provide training, consultations and resources to reduce and prevent the occupational risks, injuries and illnesses to the workplace. The Public Services Health & Safety Association (PSHSA) offers courses from eLearning to classroom training. They are committed to deliver comprehensive training and consulting solutions in a variety of convenient formats to every student, employee and worker that are willing to complete the course. Even if they are located in different places, they have the right to know the important information towards the occupational health and safety need.


Getting these kind of knowledge will consume your time but it’s all worth it. You need to be as functional and effectively as JHSC member. JHSC stands for Joint Health and Safety Committees. Under their program, you need to be certified first to be able to perform that training you went through. In this course, all participants will learn about the common workplace hazards and how to address the situation. Being to pass all of the training will grant you a certification that you pass the program and soon you will be qualified to engage through orders by your superior during the actual hazards. The JHSC certification courses have 2 parts. The first part is Certificate and the second part is Certificate of Completion

The training is appropriate for all sectors to undergo by their employees. They should have at least two personnel that have completed the certification training to be ready to any bad circumstances that might occur during work time. Keeping your workplace and employees safe will guaranteed you peace of mind. Enroll and be qualified. You can check out schedules for JHSC training classes for more info.